I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.”

I’m JSi (a nickname that came about from combining the first few letters of my first and last names), a wife, mother, friend, and “yankee”, living in The South.  I homeschool my oldest son, Christopher, and chase around my youngest son, whom we (fondly?) refer to as “His Majesty”.  I worked full time until His Majesty was born in 2010, and in adjusting to my new roles as homeschool educator and stay at home mom, I found myself looking for creative outlets.

I found my inspirations through many blogs, and finally, I found the mother load of ideas on Pinterest.  I started trying to recreate recipes, crafts, and activities that I pinned, and so did many of my friends.  One day, in the middle of the night, I thought, “I should blog about all of the cool stuff we’re making from Pinterest!” And there you go: Very Pinteresting was born.

The intention of Very Pinteresting is for it to grow to become a virtual brag book of how I, and my friends, have taken inspiration from Pinterest and recreated our own masterpieces.  Taking beautiful, creative, and delicious ideas from the web and weaving them into our real life.

Be inspired.  Inspire.  Add your own touch and leave a little bit of beautiful you in everything you do.


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