Halloween Bag-Stravaganza


After my kids got me into the Halloween spirit, I decided to score some free fabric (a fellow homeschool mom was giving a bunch away), and make them each Halloween bags.  This project turned out to be easy, because not only are there very few cuts to make (my least favorite part of sewing is cutting the fabric), but the seams are all straight, and bags are easily modifiable to the size and level of complexity that you are trying to achieve.  The most difficult part of making these bags was choosing which tutorial to use.

I ultimately found my inspiration for His Majesty’s bag through this amazing tutorial at Just Another Hang Up.  If you email the woman behind the blog, Suzanne, she’ll even send you the pattern, which is as good as it gets.  I wanted a bag with a wide opening, appropriately sized for His Majesty to carry without trouble, but also large enough that he didn’t have trouble putting his goodies into the opening, and I wanted it to be simple.  I’m not talented enough to do justice to Suzanne’s bag just yet, but with enough practice, maybe I’ll get there.   However, while I didn’t use her exact specs (I used scrap fabric, and I didn’t want to take the time to line it), I definitely  used her tutorial, which was extremely helpful because it has wonderful pictures to help guide you step by step.  It was a big help as I wrapped my brain around what I was doing, pinned everything together, and then actually learned to do box corners (way easier than I thought it would be).   Here’s what I ended up with:

He’s already had a chance to use it this year!

The total cost for this bag was free, since I mentioned I’d scored the fabric from a woman who was giving it away, but if you buy some, you’ll need less than 3/4 yard of fabric, which will still be pretty inexpensive.  One big thing that I wanted to point out was that some bag tutorials that you may come across will have you use one big rectangle of fabric folded up to form the body of the bag.  This would not work with the fabric I had, because one side of the finished bag would have had the images upright, and one would have had them upside down.  Luckily, I realized this before I had even pinned. Check your fabric before you start sewing to be sure that this isn’t a problem, if you use a pattern that calls for a method like that.

Christopher wanted his bag to have a drawstring opening.  He also wanted it to coordinate with his costume.  This year, he is going as Peeta from the Hunger Games.  What is more appropriate for a Hunger Games costume than a Mocking Jay themed Halloweeen Bag?

The motivation for this bag came from the perfect drawstring bag tutorial at The Mother Huddle.  It says “easy 15 minute” bag, and indeed, it was easy, and honestly took me about 15 minutes.  My husband had his doubts, but I proved him wrong this time!  The longest part of making this bag was cutting out the freezer paper stencil (using this pumpkin carving template), and then waiting for the paint to dry so that I could get the full effects of the project.  Total cost for this bag:  under $5 (3/4 yard remnant fabric for $3 and gold fabric paint on sale for $1).

Both boys are pleased, and I’m pretty proud of myself.  His Majesty will have several more opportunities to use his bag over the next week, and Christopher has declared that he plans to use his bag “all the time, not just on Halloween”.

As for me, I’m pleased to say that perhaps you can teach an “old” dog new tricks.


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  1. Omg, I love them. I’m currently working on a blanket on my sewing machine. This makes me wish I had thought to make bags.

    • I have extra Halloween fabric if you want to make them, Teresa! Just let me know, and I’ll pass it along to you. They are so easy, you could easily knock both bags out in an afternoon, with plenty of time to spare before Halloween 🙂

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