Red, White, and Blue-tiful!


While visiting Hobby Lobby last week, I noticed that tulle, in all sorts of colors, was on sale for 77 cents per yard.  Normally, it’s pretty cheap, but bright signs reading “Sale” really draw my attention, so I knew I had to have some.  The question however, was, what colors did I want, and what was I going to make?

Enter my transition to the “smart phone”.

Yes, go ahead and snicker.  I just now, within the past six weeks, have upgraded to a fancy phone.  Boy was I resistant, too.  I am not one of those people who learn how to use electronics very quickly, plus, I have deficient fingers when it comes to controlling a touch screen.  Whenever I try to use my husband’s Droid, I end up getting frustrated and giving up.   I was holding tightly to my old “dumb” phone, and was quite happy with it.

But, when I went to New York, my husband insisted that a smart phone would be useful (and he was right, natch).  I picked an iphone, since I love my Macbook and have an ipod touch somewhere in the bottom of my purse– or maybe it’s in my glove box, who knows–, and I figured that a little brand loyalty would make it a more seamless transition to the new device.  I’m happy to report that I am able to make calls on my new phone, and while I don’t use it, or poor neglected Siri, for even a fraction of their capabilities, I did manage to find the Pinterest App.  Thanks to that stroke of luck, I was able to pull up my boards, right there in the fabric section, and decide on my colors.

I quickly decided to make a wreath, to decorate our door in honor of the next holiday on deck, Independence Day.  And talk about some cute inspiration wreaths, there are so many great ones for Independence Day.  Plus, with red, white and blue, you can also hang it around Memorial Day, 9-11, Veterans Day, D-Day, or any other time you want to be patriotic– and being patriotic never goes out of season.

I found three really great red, white, and blue wreaths as inspiration.  First, there was this one made of felt stars from Naptime Crafting.  (BTW, isn’t that a great blog name?  I can totally relate to capitalizing on the craft possibilities of nap time.)

Then there’s this one made with pinned felt squares from Sky, at Capital B.

Source: Capital B

And then this yarn wrapped version from Jamie at The Creative Imperative.

The theme being obviously flag based,  it was definitely amenable to using tied tulle, rather than felt, yard, or other mediums. Plus, tied tulle takes less time than yarn wrapping, or cutting and pinning/gluing felt.

I stocked up on 3 yards of white (figuring it would be thinner, and I’d need to layer more of it to keep it from being transparent), 2 yards of red, and 2 yards of blue.  I probably could have gotten by with 1.5 yards of red, but I had no way of knowing that until I came home, and at 77 cents a yard, a little leftover isn’t such a big deal.  I also picked up a 12 inch wreath form– your finished wreath will be larger because of the fluffy nature of the tulle; My finished product is 19.5 inches in diameter–, a firework themed ribbon, and a $3 package of sticky mirrored stars.  Grand total– using a 40% off coupon for the wreath form– $16 plus tax.  Not too shabby.

I started by folding the yarn in half lengthwise, and cutting it into strips about 4 inches wide (I didn’t measure, I just eyeballed it, and focused more on getting the cuts reasonably straight.  The tulle bunches when you tie it, making this a really forgiving project).  That gave me a stack of strips about 26 inches long by 4 inches wide.

Then I folded those strips in half (making them about 13 inches long, and started to tie the folded strips around the wreath form.

I mentioned that the tulle bunches up when you tie it, which ends up making each of your bands about 2 inches wide.   I then alternated tying white and red strips.

I did this until about 3/4 of the wreath form was covered, and then I started tying on blue strips.

I covered the rest of the wreath in blue tulle, and then tied a strip of ribbon around the form in a simple knot, covering it up by angling two strips of the blue tulle, so that you can’t see it other than the portion that is used for hanging the wreath. Like I said, this is a forgiving project.  Then I placed some mirrored stars on the blue portion, and hot glued them.  Their own adhesive was meant for simple paper, it wasn’t going to be able to permanently adhere to tulle.

I originally thought about doing stars all over, but when I placed them, I thought it was overkill, and that it made the design less reminiscent of an American Flag, so I ultimately only glued stars on the blue portion.  What do you think?

I hung it on the door, and it immediately got approval from the neighborhood kids.  Nothing like a bunch of elementary aged girls oohing and ahhing at your creation to boost your crafting self esteem.

The whole project took about 2 hours, and the bulk of that was cutting the strips of tulle.  Honestly, once you get that out of the way, it’s a piece of cake.

And it’s pretty festive looking, even from the driveway.  I just love a wreath on the door, it makes me smile whenever I drive in.

What about you? Anything exciting going on at your home lately?  Or at work?  Or in your imagination?  Big plans for Independence Day cookouts or travels?


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