Photo Wall Collage


Taping photos on a wall?  Easy.

Taping photos on a wall in the shape of a recognizable number?  Not so easy.  The pinspiration made it look so perfect.  I checked out the source, Persnickety Prints, and learned that they are a professional photo lab and studio, offering everything from prints to photo gifts.  Competitive pricing, too.  They also offer some great free tips on photo editing.

But, alas.  There was no tutorial for how to make a photo collage on your wall in the shape of a number.

I did what I always do when I first encounter a problem, which is to say I thought about it for a moment, and then I pouted.  You see, in a moment of sheer brilliance and planning, I had printed SEVENTY photos to use in creating this collage– before ever checking to see if there was a tutorial.  Within a few photo placements, it became clear to me that making the shape was not going to be as easy as I’d banked on it being.

Enter my problem solving husband, who took a look at the pinspiration, looked at the wall, and, while I was swearing taping photos to the wall in the shape of a haphazard “2”, he disappeared into the kitchen for all of 3 minutes and came back with this.

A piece of cardboard with a “2” cut out of it, and a flashlight.  Not being a problem solver myself, I must have given him a look like I thought he was losing it.  Until I looked at the wall.

When he backed up and shined the flashlight through the cutout, it lit up a giant “2” on the wall, like a stencil.  With him standing behind me, I placed the photos using the lit shape as my guide.  MUCH easier.  I ended up with this:

I widened the shape all around, mostly because, well, seventy photos was about twice as many photos as I actually needed, and I could only narrow down the selection by so much.  And trust me, this shape looks 10x better than it would have looked if I had free handed it.

Something as simply as a shadow puppet, and I didn’t think of it.  And like the source suggested, you can do this for any birthday, anniversary, whatever.  What a great reason to print some of the images that are living in your computer!

What would I do without my husband to help me follow my pinspirations?


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