Staying on Track: Goal Assessment


At the beginning of the year, I gave you a list of some goals that I wanted to accomplish this year on my blog.  So, it’s been almost 2 months since then, and here’s how I’ve done:

1.  Write 52 blog posts: So far, I’ve done 14 posts on my blog, and a guest post for Triad Moms on Main.  Holding steady.

2. Make 24 new recipes, which works out to 2 a month:  I’ve made Bacon Ranch Chicken, Papa John’s pizza sauce and Pizza Balls, Funfetti Dip, and Valentine’s Chex Mix.  Plus I’ve tried a fluffy cupcake and icing tutorial.  Not bad.

3.  Read and Review 6 books… That averages out to one review every 2 months, and I just knocked out the first one this week.

4.  Complete 5 sewing crafts:  I’ve just finished one for His Majesty’s birthday party, so stay tuned for that this month!

5.  Make 5 wreaths:  I did the Valentine’s Day felt rosette wreath, and I’ve got a plan for several others.

And, the water drinking.  Oh yes, the water drinking.

I’m drinking more water.  I’m making a conscious effort.  But I could do better.  I would probably do better if His Majesty didn’t always want to have a drink of “Mama Wa-Wa”, and then subsequently leave floating particles of food in it, which is totally not the type of water that I want to drink, but I could also work harder at knocking out my numbers in the morning before he wakes, and in the evenings after he is in bed.  That’s the approach I’m going to have to take at this point.  It’s impossible to have water out when he’s awake unless I want to share it with him.

So there you have it.  I’m being accountable for my goals, which I think will help me to stay motivated to achieve them.   Keep me on my toes, Dear Reader!  Don’t let me be a slacker.  And send me some ideas for what you want to see me recreate!  Or, even better, send me links to your blog, and things that you’ve created.  I’d love to show your site some love!


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  1. We have these Tervis Tumblers & water bottles for sale at Camera Corner & I’m sure they’re available elsewhere. They’re all lifetime warrantied – and have double insulation so they don’t have the condensation on the outside, etc. There are lids & straws & handles either included or available as accessories. Anyway – maybe you could get one for yourself (the bottle lid is watertight, so it might be tough enough to prevent His Majesty from opening it) & get a smaller tumbler for him w/a lid…then, you can stay on track w/less of a fight. 🙂

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