Microwave Popcorn, Without the Chemicals


I love popcorn in the unhealthiest, worst possible way.  I can pass on many snacks and desserts, and exercise moderation in consuming many others, but I can not resist my urge to consume popcorn, and what’s worse is that once I start eating it, I can’t stop until I am literally so full that I am uncomfortable. I have actually intentionally skipped dinner in anticipation of digging into a giant tub of popcorn at the movie theater, and then sucked down the entire bucket, and most of a refill.  We’re talking about the buckets that are roughly the size of a Smart Car.  It defies physics how much popcorn I can consume.  My friends tease me about it.  It’s embarrassingly unhealthy, but yet, I make no effort to stop myself.  When I was pregnant with His Majesty, I even had my husband stop at a theater on his way home from work several times, just to get me movie popcorn.  That’s how much I love popcorn.

Now, if I’m not at the movie theater, the bags of microwave popcorn sustain me pretty well, and I typically keep a supply of it on hand.  But, I always wonder what the heck I’m actually eating, because it sure isn’t butter (mind you, that doesn’t stop me from actually EATING it, but it does make me wonder.).  My husband gets pretty grossed out wondering this same thing though, and right before I went out and bought an air popper, he found this idea about making air popped popcorn in a plain old brown paper bag in the microwave.  We decided to see how this method worked before I bought a big air popper that I then had to store somewhere in the kitchen.

I admit, I was skeptical.  I’ve seen those “special” microwave popcorn bags get hot enough that a hole was burnt into the side of them.  Those bags have to lie with a certain side facing up, and they are, well, just special.  Could a simple paper lunch bag really work?

Yes.  Yes it can.

1/4 cup of popcorn kernels in a plain paper lunch bag.

Pour it in.

Fold the top of the bag over once and stand it up in the microwave.  We put it on high for 3 minutes, and stood by to listen for the popping to slow down.  It ended up taking about 2 minutes to pop the bag.

It rolled over on its side as it filled up.  Then, we opened it up and poured it out. Almost every kernel popped, and we had perfectly air popped popcorn.

We popped two bags to share among the three of us, since the baby was in bed.  Had His Majesty been awake, he’d have needed his own bowl.  He loves popcorn as much as I do (I initially whined about dividing this meager amount 3 ways, but I silently thanked my husband for the skimpy rations the next day when my jeans still fit).   My husband made the perfect mixture of melted butter and salt for one bowl, and a cinnamon/sugar/honey blend for that he read about on the source page for the second bowl.

Pretty great discovery, and it saved me from having to buy and store an air popper.  Try it the next time you have a craving for popcorn!


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  1. I am dneteiifly going to try the popcorn. I always burn it on the stove.Yes I am on pintrest – LOVE IT. And yes I do bookmark pages – I have folders for business, crafts etc etc

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