DIY Box Shelves


I didn’t make anything this week.

But my husband did!

Our relationship works out really well because I have a good imagination, and he has good problem solving skills.  Plus, he knows how to use power tools.  So, I like to say that I think up the ideas, and he makes them a reality.  It’s a pretty awesome deal, folks.

So, when I saw these shelves, from Young House Love (which, btw, is one of my absolute favorite blogs, since I think Sherry and John are as goofy and dorky as my husband and I are, so I can totally imagine them being our friends), I immediately showed them to my husband, and told him that I thought they would look great in His Majesty’s room, as well as give me extra places to display his books, stuffed animals, photos, whatever.

His Majesty’s room has a safari theme. He’s got some wall art that I purchased with his bedding, and I also decorated letters to spell his name, which we hung over his crib.

But he had this one blank wall without anything on it.  And I thought that these shelves would look really nice right there on that wall. My husband looked at the photos of the shelves, read through YHL’s tutorial, and then made some kind of saracastic comment about how I work him like a Hebrew slave.

But then, because he’s such an awesome husband, the next day he asked me to show him specifically where I wanted the shelves to go. I didn’t have a clue, and it’s hard to visualize shelves.  But, have no fear, YHL to the rescue!  Taking a tip from their tutorial, I used painter tape to mark off some ideas and determine the number of shelves I wanted and where they would go.  Isn’t that a good idea for helping with shelf placement?!  They are so smart!

We used a stud finder during this process to help dictate the length and placement.  We wanted to be sure that they were extra secure into a wall stud, especially since his future “big boy” bed may end up going underneath them.

I also wanted a shelf  under the window, so that we can keep his bedtime books off of the dresser, and still have them within reach of the glider.  A low shelf will make it possible for His Majesty to “pick book”, as he says it, all on his own, without having to dig through his entire bookshelf and make a huge mess.

After we’d determined placement and shelf size, my sweet husband went out and bought some lumber, and then spent the day in the garage, sawing, nailing, and sanding away.  And just like that, I  had the shelves I wanted.  He didn’t take photos, but he says that the tutorial was great, and very easy to follow (He did use different sized boards than the tutorial, though, simply because I wanted different sized shelves than what John and Sherry made.).

Then he asked me what color paint I wanted on them.  I didn’t want to stain them, because the wood wasn’t the prettiest, but I also didn’t want to go white.  I thought about it for a day or two, before my husband suggested that we paint them to match the colors in his bedroom.

Great idea!

I took the acrylic craft paint that I’d used to make the wall letters and had it color matched at Lowe’s.  They did it in about 5 minutes.  I was skeptical that they’d be able to match it so perfectly, but their program was dead on.  I got a satin finish in their Valspar latex paint.  On the advice of the paint guy, I also picked up  a quart of Zissner 1-2-3 water based primer.  My husband hadn’t used this primer before, and he was really impressed with it.  After a coat of primer and a few coats of paint applied with a foam roller, the shelves were ready to hang. He pulled the tape off of the wall and hung the shelves in its place.  Leaving us with this:

I’m really happy with how they turned out.  My husband is quite the craftsman! I love how the colorful books and frame look like pieces of wall art by themselves, and the green shelves give his “sugared almond” colored walls a little extra splash. I’m not worried about the color of the shelves when we change his room decor, since I’m planning to do a dinosaur theme  when he moves from the crib to a bed, so the green shelves will still work.

The lumber for this project cost about $15 (we used pine boards), and the quart of paint and primer (of which we have plenty to spare for future projects), plus the foam rollers cost another $25.  Not a bad way to spend $40 and a few hours of work, plus drying time.

So that’s my husband’s Pinspiration for the week.  What do you think?  And what have you been up to?  Have you made anything fun lately?


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