Pink is in the Air


Just as 2011 drew to a close, two wonderful new people entered the world!   My friend from college and our neighbor both had baby daughters.  How exciting, pink ruffles everywhere!  The birth of these two little ladies presented me with the opportunity to try my hand at a version of this idea, from Baby Xpress over on Etsy.  Doesn’t Etsy just have the most fantastic products ever?!  So many great ideas! And Baby Xpress is no exception, this seller offers dozens of gift ideas that would be fantastic ways to shower a friend, neighbor or colleague, and they are very affordable.

The idea that I pinned was for Washcloth Cupcakes.  Precious idea, no?  Not to mention that anyone with kids knows that having extra washcloths definitely comes in handy (Who knew that such a little human could leak so much, and from every available orifice?  Ahh, the things they didn’t teach in Home Ec…  Do they even offer Home Ec in schools anymore?! Man that class was fun! Did anyone else have the egg babies to take home? Haha, good times.).  Regardless of the practicality of washcloths, I knew that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give them clothes.  Seriously, baby girl clothes = SO STINKING CUTE.  I decided to make my “cupcakes” out of onesies.

Naturally, I had to find a tutorial to help me out, and I chose this one over at Our Little Casita.  I hit Target and picked up two packs of onesies, and then I hit Micheal’s and picked up the rest of my supplies.

You'll need: cupcake boxes, crinkle paper, paper rose stickers, Gerber multi-pack of onesies, cards, jumbo cupcake cups, packaging ribbon/twine in coordinating color, 1 inch ribbon in coordinating colors, 3/8 inch ribbon in coordinating color, rubber bands, straight pins, scissors, scrapbook paper; also tacky glue (not shown)

During the coveted nap time (which, I’m sad to report, seems to be getting shorter and shorter), I completed both gifts, delivered one to my neighbor (and caught a peek at their beautiful baby), and started this post.  Not too shabby. What I’m trying to say is that you can knock this out in about an hour, if you gather everything that you need up first.

I started by snapping the onesie closed, and lying it face up.

Then, I folded it into thirds, so that the front of the onesie was on the inside.  Any embroidery or printing will more than likely look wonky when you roll it up, so it’s better to just hide it for the time being.  Think of it as being an extra little surprise when your gift is fully opened.

Then I folded it in half again so that I had a nice narrow piece of fabric to work with.

Rolling the cupcake took me a little bit of practice, not because it’s hard, but rather, because I wanted to see how many different methods I could try to achieve the look I was going for.  I ended up rolling it on a slight angle, so that the first roll was the HIGHEST portion, sort of like the icing on a real cupcake.

This is how it looked when I was finished rolling it.

After I was happy with how my cupcake was rolled, I used a rubber band to hold it in place, and then tied a piece of 1-inch ribbon around it to hide the rubber band, like so.  You can see that I didn’t want the ribbon to tie in a bow, but only so that it was secured around the rubber band.

At this point, it was ready to be set in the cupcake liner.

Oh yeah, now we’re getting somewhere.  The next step was to decorate the cupcake.  I used 3/8 inch ribbon to tie a small bow and then secured it to the top of the cupcake with a straight pin.

This is where the paper roses came in.

I used them to cover the straight pins.

Then I did the same thing with the rest of the onesies.

Next came the packaging.  I filled the box halfway with crinkle paper.

And it was WAY too much paper. The box wouldn’t close without smushing the cupcakes.  So, I took out half of the crinkle paper, and put it on the other box for the second gift, and we were good to go. Don’t buy a new bag of crinkle paper if you have some in a color that will work already.  You hardly use any.  I didn’t have any, or else I’d have likely worked with what I had on hand.

Aren’t they just adorable? All that pink is about to give me a sweet tooth!

At this point, they are ready to go, and I think they are plenty cute as is.

But Emily at Our Little Casita covered the sides of her box with scrapbook paper, and it really just jazzed them up, so I took my inspiration from her, and did the same thing.  The cupcake boxes that I bought came in a 3 pack, so I used the empty box to trace templates in the scrapbook paper, cut it out, and then glued it to the sides of the box with tacky glue.

When all 4 sided were covered, I tied my ribbon twine around the box and tied a bow.

Then I did the same to the second gift.

The next time I make these (and I will get the chance to do it again really soon, as my cousin just had her second son, and if I wasn’t so wrapped up with my head in a pink cloud thinking about baby girl gifts, I would have picked up a pack of baby boy onesies today– *DOH*), I will buy some scrapbook stickers to decorate the outside of the box a bit more.  You can really do a lot to up the presentation of the box, if that’s your thing.

I couldn’t wait to deliver the gift to my neighbors, and I’m happy to report, they loved it.  I’m sure my friend back home will think it’s really sweet, too.  And even better, it’s calorie free.

There are tons of tutorials online for making cupcake onesies, even some that use receiving blankets and socks and really go all out.  I think that this is such a fun way to gift something.  A friend made me a diaper cake when His Majesty was born, and it was so wonderful, not only because it was useful, but because I knew that she had taken the time to create it, and that particularly meant a lot to me.

It isn’t how much money you spend that makes a gift special.  I spent less than $30 on the onesies and the supplies to make both of these gifts (and I have a great deal of supplies left over).

Have you found any great gift ideas lately?  Made anything special?  Please share your (p)inspiration with me!


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