Nothing to see here…


Well, at least, there’s nothing to see that I personally have made today.  Slacker…

Truth is, it’s been a busy week for me, and for the rest of the country, and it’s only getting busier.  Thanksgiving, holiday decorating, and a sinus infection (oh, was that just me? Lucky you!) took up the last half of my week, and now, in addition to the typical hustle and bustle of the beginning of the holiday season, my friends and I are preparing for a big event this Saturday, when we’ll be hosting the Gifts from the Heart Christmas Bazaar.  Talk about very pinteresting, many of our creations were inspired by things we’ve seen on Pinterest.  We’ll have everything from holiday goodies, jewelry and bath treats, to ornaments, bags, and wreaths.  It’s going to be great, so if you’re anywhere near the Burlington NC area, stop on by from 12-5, and check off some of your holiday shopping list.

If you’re not going to be near Burlington this weekend, you can visit the Bazaar’s facebook page and place a custom order, or purchase items before they hit the “showroom” this weekend.  If you are in a crafting mood yourself, check out these ideas for things that you can make for your friends and loved ones this year.  If *I* can do it, trust me, YOU can do it.  See my boards here and here for just a few of the ideas available on the web.

Here’s what I’m planning for some of the people on my list:

For my boys’ favorite babysitter:

Starbucks gift card, reusable coffee cup, and a homemade coffee cozy, similar to this one:

Image courtesy of

For each of His Majesty’s play school teachers:

Peppermint bath bombs (that I’m making myself), a peppermint foot scrub, a peppermint sugar scrub and a cute little drawstring bag like this one (I’m hoping to pick up both of the last two items at the Gifts from the Heart Bazaar).

This bag, and others, available at Gifts from the Heart Christmas Bazaar.

For the little girls who live next door:

Hair accessories that I’m making myself, inspired by these:

From belleandburger

And for my jewelry loving Grandma, I’ll be choosing from some pieces available at the Bazaar.  This one is my favorite pieces that I’ve seen there so far, but who knows what the rest of those crafty ladies will have by this Saturday.

From Gifts from the Heart Christmas Bazaar

That takes care of about 25% of my Christmas shopping list, all in one trip, in addition to some time crafting and creating on my own.  Plus, it supports the local economy, in addition to supporting some of my favorite women on the planet.

Are you shopping with local vendors this season?  Making any Christmas gifts?  Making anything that I might want to buy from you? Please, do tell!


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