Word Play Wednesday: Pondering the Significance of Pita Bread


I realize that I had an error on a pin when I went to write this post.  The quote that I am going to write about, this very appropriate, relevant to daily life quote has an incorrect link back on pinterest.  Boo.  But it’s too good not to write about anyway.   So here it is:

Yesterday, my biggest worry was being unable to find pita bread during my grocery trip.

Pita bread, or rather, the lack thereof; That was the day’s biggest “problem”.   Can that even be classified as a problem?  I’d say that regardless of what else happens in a day, however mundane and routine it may be, if pita bread is the biggest problem you come across, well, that pretty much means you’ve had a fantastic day.

I speculate that most of the things that “get” to us in a regular day aren’t even worthy of being considered problems.  And I definitely don’t want to trade mine in for someone else’s.  Especially when I read blogs like Toddler Planet, and want to sob my eyes out into my Diet Pepsi, thinking about how the author, Susan, is so much more courageous and gracious than I am.  She’s battling metastatic cancer, while raising two young children, but despite her health and mortality challenges, she’s still openly grateful for her wonderful life.  That’s inspiring.

I bet if you think about it, you will want to hang on to your own problems, too.  We have beautiful lives, don’t we?  Even in dark moments (not referring to silly pita bread here, but real, genuine, dark times), things are better than they could be, right?

Let’s embrace it.


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