Gourd Bowling


Halloween may be over, but it was this Halloween inspired pumpkin bowling game that led me to this next activity.   The source of this idea, Jeanetics (do you not love the name of that blog?!), was so creative in her game, even using an apple corer to bore holes into a pumpkin to make it more like a bowling ball. Genius!

I didn’t get quite so creative.  In fact, I almost didn’t do this activity at all this year, since Halloween was over, and the original idea was for use during a Halloween party. I was actually reminded of it while I was in the store with both boys, buying toilet paper, and a bunch of other things, so I didn’t put a whole lot of planning into it.  It was about 10am, and his Majesty was nutty, as is usually the case when he’s required to do anything other than what’s on his own agenda (which consists of playing, playing, eating, and oh yeah, did I mention playing?), and unfortunately, I still had a laundry list of things to do around the house that day. I feared I was in for a long day of trying to entertain the little guy, coordinate lessons for the big guy, and knock out some of my own chores.  Anyway, when I remembered this pin, I grabbed an extra pack of TP ( the cheapest kind they sold) and a bag of gourds to use as balls, and crossed my fingers that the day could pass smoothly, despite the looming to do list.  I chose gourds figuring that since they were different shapes, they would each roll differently, and would perhaps make it extra interesting.

When we got home from the store, I hastily set up the toilet paper”pins”, hoping to get His Majesty engaged in the game quickly, thereby allowing me to put the rest of the groceries away.

He somehow immediately knew something was up, because he pretty much stalked me as I set the pins up, and when he realized that the gourds could be used as balls, he figured out the goal of the game before I could even snap a photo of him warming up.

And from there, my friends, it was on.

You see, my boy decided that this was not to be a game of bowling. Forget rolling them, he was tossing those squash in the air like he pitched for the Tigers.  I’m talking dead on accurate.  It was actually kind of freaky how he hit his targets every time, mercifully sparing the wall behind them.

Christopher tried showing him how to roll them repeatedly, but he didn’t care about the rules of the game, as the rules of toddlerhood declare that if you have a ball, you throw it. He was pretty independent with the game, and despite his refusal to actually make it a bowling game, he enjoyed setting the “pins” up in various patterns over and over again. .

After a while (and it was indeed a while, I couldn’t believe how long this game kept him entertained), throwing the gourds got old, he just started knocking the pins over.

He is constantly moving, so it's basically a small miracle that this photo isn't even blurrier!

At some point beyond that, he implemented total destruction, which, as always, is His Majesty’s daily mission.  He’s a happy kid while he makes his monster messes, though, so I generally try not to let them bother me.

Plus, do you even know how much I got done while he entertained himself with a few cheap rolls of toilet paper and some gourds?! Tons.  Suffice it to say that on this particular afternoon, I happily cleaned up this mess at the start of nap time because I had virtually nothing left to do on my daily list. Score 1 for Mom.

Was our game as pretty as Jeanetics? Heck no, hers rocks, and mine is totally bootleg in comparison.  But did my guy have a blast playing his own version of Pumpkin Bowling?

Yes.  Yes he did.

So, my mission was accomplished, too.


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