Eye Loved Halloween!


I normally don’t post on Tuesdays, but I (Eye) had a “Pinterest Saves the Day” moment yesterday, and I thought I’d share it.

Yesterday afternoon, in the middle of baking a cake for a Halloween party, I realized that I didn’t have anything that would even resemble a Halloween costume for myself.   Not that I wanted to don a full costume, but His majesty was set to dress as a cheeseburger, and Christopher had been piecing together a “nerd” costume, but I didn’t have so much as a witch’s hat or a headband with devil horns on it.  So, wanting to be more festive than my usual look, but unable to leave the house during His Majesty’s nap time, what did I do?  I turned to Pinterest for (p)inspiration, of course.  I remembered that my friend Emily (who, by the way, threw the most amazing Halloween party, complete with a bunch of incredible ideas she’d pinned) had pinned a spider web eye makeup idea that her daughter had put her own twist on at an event earlier in the weekend.  Thinking that I may have some of the makeup required for the look, I headed over to check it out. The pin didn’t go to the original source at first, so I had to do some investigating, but luckily, I found it rather quickly in the blog of this beautiful woman.  She’s literally a makeup guru, and her blog, xsparkage.com, has too many ideas and tutorials to even count.  I’m talking great stuff, and not just for Halloween.  Her tutorial was easy to follow, and her personality was just so positive and cute– I honestly have a girl crush on her.

Anyway, I was able to find her blog, and watch her tutorial, and even though my makeup collection ultimately didn’t include the suggested items, I was able to follow her tutorial and do an ok job eplicating her look using black, silver and white eyeliner that I had on hand.  My work was far from perfect, and not even close to the crisp, bold, perfect looking makeup art that Leesha did during her tutorial, but nonetheless, I was pretty pleased with myself.  So here is her beautiful spider web eye:

Source: xsparkage

And here’s mine:

Not bad, eh?  I totally thought it was passable, and the people at the party actually knew that they were supposed to be spider webs, so that’s a good thing.  I definitely think that I could have done the tutorial a lot more justice if I’d planned ahead and bought some of the right type of makeup, but hey, for 15 minutes and what I had lying around the house, I give it a thumbs up.  Leesha’s tutorials was so easy to follow that I felt like I had done the impossible.  I am actually excited to follow a few more of her tutorials, and I even went out and bought some clearance Halloween fake eyelashes to use next year (50% off, woot woot!!), which I’m going to use Leesha’s blog to learn how to apply in between now and next year.

So you see: Pinterest saved the day, and I didn’t have to spend a dime!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

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