Word Play Wednesday


One of my favorite things to pin are quotes, and Pinterest users have amassed an impressive collection of them.  Whenever I go on a pinning adventure, I never fail to find several that evoke emotion in me, be it a lump in my throat, an inspirational burst of energy or gratitude, or a belly laugh.  There are quotes that remind me to treasure my children, to thank God, to nurture my husband and friendships, and to laugh at my haters. It would be a disservice to not take some of those quotes from the board to the blog. So without further ado, here’s one that has stuck out in my mind this week.

Because seriously, where is time going?!  1990 was the first new decade that I celebrated.  I can still remember it being a big deal among my circle of friends, the new decade.  I think someone must have hit the fast forward button in my life sometime around 2000, because everything from that point forward just seems like a blur. I recently had a friend visit me from my home state of Michigan (Holla!!) and we reflected on the fact that we’ve been friends for 12 years. I can still pretty vividly recall BEING twelve-years-old, and now I’ve had a friend that I met as an adult that I’ve known for 12 years.  My best friend and I have been friends for more than 25 years.  That logically means I’m not 25 anymore.  Again I ask you, where in the heck is time going?!

For me, this quote reminds me that time passes in an instant, and is gone before we even notice it’s here.  Because of that, it inspires me to only put effort into things that will make me and my family happier, smarter, or otherwise better, than we were yesterday.  So why wait until New Years? Cheers to that!



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