Kitchen Cork board Mini De-clutter


I never have a place to put my weekly dinner menu, or my stamps.  At least, not a place where I can find them when I need them.  Until I saw this on Pinterest.   A hidden gem of real life pin-possibilities!!  And perfect inspiration for the inside of my kitchen cabinet:

Nothing to see here!

So, a quick trip to Hobby Lobby, with the 40% off one item coupon I received in their weekly email, and I arrived home with the necessary supplies.

11x17in Fine Grain Cork Surface by The Board Dudes; And guess what? It came with four adhesive squares.

Oh, and did you catch sight of this:

$4.99 at Hobby Lobby: After 40% off coupon, it was only $3.

Not too bad, eh?

So, about 3 minutes and practically no effort later, the cork board was secure inside the cabinet.

Instant organization possibilities.

It’s in my spice cabinet, which I definitely go into daily, so it’s a convenient spot to pin invitations, stamps, and my family’s dinner menu and grocery list; Or, recipe cards for the upcoming week, for dishes that I didn’t find online.  Things that need to be handy (handier than simply being stuffed inside my black hole of a purse), but don’t necessarily need to be out in the open.

So now, it looks like this:

Menu/grocery list, stamps, and the almighty toddler motivation tool: stickers.

It’s definitely not as pretty as the source blog for the pin (which is pretty amazing, check it out), but it’s functional, and it’s hidden, which both score points with me.  And for $3 and the bare minimum of effort, I felt pretty productive dragging my husband in the kitchen to admire my handy work!

You can do a lot with these, if you want to keep them out in the open: Maybe mod podge some fabric or craft paper on it, or make some really cute thumbtacks, like these these ones that I pinned from a neat blog I stumbled across.

I have two more cork boards waiting for me to decide where to put them, so stay tuned to find out where I’m going to place another, and if I do anything fancier with them next time.

Ohhhh, the pin-possibilities!

Happy Pinning 🙂


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  1. Didn’t get it made… but not because I didn’t want to. Outdoor chores took priority given the guests and weather predicted. BUT… I’ll be out and about this evening with students so I intend to make this, maybe tomorrow while it rains outside?

    I do think I’ll make it using command hooks so I can cover it with season fabric and change the fabric as necessary like I do with the mini-whiteboard in the kitchen. THANK YOU!

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