What’s Very Pinteresting?


What’s Very Pinteresting?

Ok, before I try to answer that all important question, you have to play a game with me. Humor me, if you will.  Please.

You’ve seen The Simpsons, right?  Of course you have, it’s been on TV for like 23 seasons now, so you have to at least know what I’m talking about.  Ok then, so, you remember Mr. Burns, Homer’s boss?  Good!  So now, first, you have to close your eyes, and imagine him wringing his fingers and saying, in his maniacal, creepy, “I’m up to something” voice, “Yesss, verrrrry (p)interesting”.  I’ll wait….. Ok, did you do it?  Did it make you chuckle in a cheesy way, like it did me, when I thought of this blog title in the middle of the night, while awake during one of my hopeless middle of the night insomnia spells? Ha!  I flipping love The Simpsons.

Now that we have that out of the way, here goes nothing.  What is Very Pinteresting?

Well, it’s a blog that is all about proving that my (latest) addiction, Pinterest, is not the time suck, virtual stalking experience that other social media sites (which shall remain nameless) seem to be.  It’s about showing off the things that I pin.  Things that I have come across on blogs, websites, and through other Pinterest boards, and that have inspired me to recreate, or in some cases, attempt to recreate, their amazingness in real life.  Crafts, DIY home decor, meals, desserts, beverages, party themes, gifts, photographs, etc, the sky is the limit.  I mean, you can find ideas for anything on Pinterest. Seriously, are you on Pinterest?  Have you checked it out yet?  Do you know anyone who has, and who is now caught up in the wonder that is pinning?

If you are like me, you may be resisting the urge to jump on the bandwagon at first.  I tried hard to resist, really I did.  When Sherry, from one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love, starting giving glowing reviews of it, I told myself that I didn’t have time to get caught up in another online site.  After all, I’m busy enough keeping up with my Facebook account, an online mothers’ group, two homeschooling groups, my husband, my cat, and my two kids, not in that order. Add that to the blogs that I try to keep up with, and I didn’t want to be tempted by any other online tool.  I’m a reader, and the internet is basically one giant never ending opportunity to take in words.  It’s always amazing to me how quickly I can seem to lose an hour hopping to link after link.  So yeah, I resisted checking it out for as long as I could.

But, Sherry kept mentioning it, plus I was reading about it on other sites, and the general opinion was that people seemed to be loving it in all of it’s virtual pinboard wonderment, and my curiosity started to wane.  Add that to the fact that my bookmarked tabs of recipes and crafts and furniture and things that I loved and wanted to remember just kept growing longer and longer and longer to the point of being frighteningly disorganized, making it impossible to find things, and I threw up my hands and bit the bullet. I requested an account, and a few days later, found myself converting most of my bookmarks to a beautiful, organized collection of images. My recipes went from being a 50 item list to literally being available at a glance.  My craft inspirations went from being a blah list to a colorful virtual cork board, inspiring me every time I looked at them.

And then, a crazy thing happened.  Crazy for me at least.

I started to make stuff.  More than just my favorite recipes that I use every month in our rotating menu plan, but actual stuff that I had never thought I’d try before.  I painted canvas.  I sewed pillow covers.  I made wreaths.  I recreated beautiful and delicious things that I had pinned and repinned.  Pinterest became my virtual “To Do” List.  And I’m a list person, as much as a person can ever be a list person.  I make lists of my lists.  I have a list for everything.  And now I have a list of the things that I want to recreate.

There’s a quote that I re-pinned a few days ago (repinned from here) that says “I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares”, and that pretty much sums up how I feel about things.  Making beautiful things and making things beautiful, putting an amazing meal on the table for my family, doing a craft with my sons, or bringing a batch of incredible cookies to friend,  I just want to do those things, even if it doesn’t make a difference anywhere or to anyone.  Pinterest makes me feel productive, not because of the actual pinning that I do while sitting on the couch at night or during quiet time, but because of the things it inspires me to actually get up and do.  I’m like a regular fixture at my local Hobby Lobby these days.  And if it inspires you to get up and do something, let me know.  I’d love to feature your very pinteresting experience, and see how you went about taking something from Pinterest to your home or classroom.

I don’t work for Pinterest.  I wish I had thought of the idea myself, truthfully, but I don’t have anything to do with the sight other than that I have an account there, find it very useful and inspiring, and just flat-out love it.  It’s just all out Pinteresting.  Very Pinteresting.

Join me in going from looking at beauty on the internet to recreating beauty in reality.

Happy pinning 🙂


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